Shear Power

The AccurShear combines simplicity with a strong, proven design that can tackle any shearing application

Accurpress Shear

No Compromises

The AccurShear delivers in all respects, rock solid mechanics and hydraulics, paired with the intuitive TN2000 control, the Accurshear is a mainstay for thousands of customers world-wide.

  • Ultra-Heavy Frame Structure
  • Highest Shearing Rating Capacities
  • World-Class Maintenance Free Bearings
  • Intelligent CNC Control
  • Automatic or Manual Quick Blade Adjustment
  • 1220mm Squaring arm for Accurate cutting
  • Urethane Hydraulic Hold Downs for Mark-Free Sheets
  • Ball Transfers for ease of handling
  • Lowest Fixed Rake Angle
  • Quality Shearing Blades
  • Heavy Duty Backgauge Design
  • Automatic Swing-Up Backstop

Precision, Rigidity, Reliability

High Efficiency Options

Case studies have shown that material handling consumes up to 90% of a shear operator's time.

Accurpress Shear Front Gauging

Front Gauging

Supercharge your productivity with Front Gauging

  • Improve material utilization

  • Increase shearing accuracy

  • Ball transfers reduce material marking and improved handling on heavy materials

Conveyor and Stacker

The Accurshear Conveyor and Stacker can slash that time by efficiently separating trim from finished pieces while simultaneously neatly stacking the finished product.

Accurpress Shear Conveyor and Stacker

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